DAMYON was born in Southern California sometime in the last century. Right from Birth Damyon took to Music as a source of happiness, Sitting for hours listening to old album classics. Rock and Soul , Blues, Reggae and anything else with rhythm , Damyon developed an ear for authenticity.

   As a Teenager Damyon would beg older friends to show him how to play songs on his  guitar ( This was way before YouTube). After learning a few chords and becoming comfortable enough to play with other people, a desire to play music was born!! 

  That desire has been a lifetime obsession, playing anywhere and everywhere he was allowed. Hundreds possibly thousands of gigs.. Playing anything that would make noise, Bass, Drums or Guitar.. More recently fronting His Own project as himself, Damyon.

In the wake of Divorce, Damyon yet again used his love for music as a crutch to heal and find Peace, That is when He decided to begin to record  We're All Dogs. An E.P. of Emotion and Grit that documents Damyon's life as it changes. Recorded over the course of a year with some of the best musicians in the Los Angeles area We're All Dogs stands on its own as a true piece of art.

    Damyon Hopes you Keep an Open Mind when you Listen to His Music, Find your Own Inspiration and Smile.

Hug the ones you love

Support Art and Live Music

Promote Peace

Spread Love